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Demo Reel

My current demo reel for my animation career is compiled of a number of my paid professional works, on top of some of my college assignments and projects. The music used is “God is Calling Me Back Home” By King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and is not personally owned. Therefore this demo reel is only used for personal merchandising within the site. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoy it.

Pair o' Normal Guys

A found footage, ghost hunting animated pilot.
pair O' Normal Guys is my senior project for college, and was written, designed, and directed by myself. Currently a work in progress.




This is a social media animated seriEs I was hired to be the lead animator of. I am incharge of Boarding, animating , bACKGROUND DESIGNING, AND ALL THE EFFECT OF EVERY RECENT wISDOM wEDNESDAY EPISODE PREMiERiNG ON tik tok.  

Mojo's Commercial

here is An animated commercial I did for a local music store in my hometown. I was hired and placed  In charge of the entire animated project after receiving the commercials jingle from my clients. 


Supernatural Subway

​My junior film in college. I worked alongside two of my other talented colleagues in creating this short. I was in charge of the lead character designs, the storyboards, the lead animation, the effect animation, and lastly the editing.

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