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So far in my career I have been hired to do freelance work for advertisements, comics, graphic design, video editing, animations, ETC. I have my bachelors degree in Fine arts with the area of my studies being animation. I studied at lesley university in cambridge Massachusetts and graduated in 2022. I currently looking for an junior industry level position as either a background artist, Animator, or storyboard artist. I am an extremely polite and  enthusiastic worker who loves the team setting . I Always open to work and would love a steadier position. Please feel free to contact me with any and all opportunities or commissions!

january icon.png is a website used as a merchandising tool for my online portfolio.  It is filled with my past, and current projects within the arts. The website itself is named after my online persona "Shackington," which I publish the majority my content under. I animate, concept design, storyboard, video edit, and much more. Always open to hear out a oppertunity!


To download a PDF copy of my resume, just click the paper clip!

Since as long as i can remember I grew up indulging myself in all things cartoons. from elementary through high school I always woke up an half of hour early to hang out and watch cartoon network. I can proudly say that goofy habit i used to be embarrassed of sparked such a love I went on to make a career out of. 

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